Top Shortest NBA players of all time In NBA

Basketball is generally a game of tall players. The basketball players are taller and stronger who can comfortably make a slam dunk through a basketball net. In 1985 to 2006, the average height of an American basketball player was 6’7’’. It was always noted that, height is the main factor for playing basketball. But, there are some legendary NBA basketball players who made the differences and proved that height is not a factor playing basketball. We will focus on extraordinary short basketball players. Some of them were dominating NBA players in the past and some are at present. They are the rule-breakers and prove to be a perfect player.

They may have a significant disadvantage for their short figures, but they can jump higher and run faster than any other player. They all played basketball professionally and after retirement they went on to manage a basketball team. Their story is motivating and inspiring for those who think basketball is a game of taller player.



Charlie Criss with the height of 5’8”, is one of the smallest and oldest basketball players  in NBA. Criss played basketball for Continent basketball association. He also has been voted for MVP twice during his career. He was famous for his amazing skills of passing and sharp shooting. Charlie Criss is one of the successful shortest basketball players. He later paved the way for other shorter basketball players like Nate Robinson. After finishing the career as a player, Criss has become an ideal color commentator for the Atlanta Hawks. At 28 years of age, he appeared in the “Sports Illustrated” magazine as NBA’s smallest player and oldest rookie. He was a very popular player for the Atlanta Hawks. The coach Hubie Brown praised him for his pase and shooting ability. He was a very dynamic player at the pitch.

Tyrone Bogues with 5’3” height is the world’s shortest NBA player in the history. He earned a nickname “Muggsy” from the neighborhood players as he grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. It was a great challenge for him. He had to prove that he can stand next to the giants as an equal. He was a spark at offence and a real pest on defense. After finishing college in 1987, Tyrone was drafted into NBA and spent 14 long seasons playing for the Charlotte Hornets.

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